ANSI B16.9 180 degree carbon steel elbow 24 inch

- May 25, 2018-

ANSI B16.9 180 degree carbon steel elbow 24 inch

ANSI B16.9 180 degree carbon steel elbow 24 inch also known as 180 degree bend. A large of projects, defense and development industry is typically request 180 degree carbon steel elbow. Such as Petrochemical, oil and gas industry, nuclear industry, pulp and paper industry. 180 degree carbon steel elbow 24 inch is one kind of pipe fitting which has big size diameter and bend degree. It plays very important function in the whole pipeline, which not only can change the direction of pipes but also can make two pipes in parallel because of 180 degree. 

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Generally the production processing is hot forming for carbon steel elbow 180 degree. It has two types seamless and weld. The size from 1/2 inch to 24 inch is seamless and above 24 inch is weld. The raw material is carbon steel pipes for seamless and steel plate for weld. Metleader purchases raw material are all from very famous big factories that is the first step to guarantee good quality final products. The second step cutting the pipes and put them into the push machine heating and pushing to get the blanks of 180 degree carbon steel elbow. Then the blanks need to be modified and machining including short blasting, and bevel end. After inspection, the final qualified ANSI B16.9 180 degree carbon steel elbow will be packaged entered to warehouse waiting for delivery.

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Beijing Metleader Pipeline Technology Inc. as a leading manufacturer of carbon steel pipe elbow 180 degree reputed name for supplying good quality 180 degree elbow pipe fittings to our customers from different countries. Metleader not only supply carbon steel 180 degree elbow 24 inch but also supply many other products with different diameters. Carbon steel pipe elbow 90 degree, 45 degree, equal tee, reduced tee, concentric reducer, eccentric reducer and pipe end cap. 

180 degree elbow is a very important pipe fitting. When we talk about pipe elbows, it means a length of curved pipe. Carbon steel elbow 180 degree is a type of pipe accessory, widely used in various industrial field of pipe fittings. Pipe elbow is usually used for pressure applications and can be used in various shapes and sizes for different applications. So the products safety is very important which will request strict quality control inspection. Our company always inspect all products for each step this way brings effective assurance for good quality. Metleader warmly welcome all customers’ inquiry, believe us and choosing us.