Carbon steel ASME B16.5 Socket Weld flange

- Apr 19, 2018-

Carbon steel ASME B16.5 Socket Weld flange

Socket weld flange is one type of flange that one side is welded with steel pipes the other side is connected though bolts. Carbon steel ASME B16.5 socket weld flange the material is ASTM A105, the standard is ASME B16.5.

The range of application:

Socket weld flange is often used in the pipelines the pressure below 10.0 MPa, diameter DN 80 less. Socket weld flange is characterized by small rigidity, suitable for low pressure and temperature pipelines. The socket weld flange and socket flange is one end to the steel pipe and the other end with bolted connection. Sealing surface of socket flange refers to raised face (RF) ,male and female surface (MFM), tenon groove surface (TG), ring joint surface (RJ). Socket flange (SW flange for short), the basic shape of socket flange is almost same as silp on flange, namely opening one socket hole in the inner hole of flange, then pipes inserted into the socket hole to be welded.Welding a circle of welds on the back of the flange, due to gaps between the socket flange and Cao, easy to produce corrosion, if the inside of a weld seam can avoid this corrosion. The socket flanges welded on both inner and outer sides have a fatigue strength that is 5% greater than that of the flat welded flange and the same static strength. When using this socket flange, its inner diameter needs to be the same as the inner diameter of the pipe. The socket flange is only suitable for pipes with a nominal diameter of 80 or less.

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