How to use slip on flange?

- May 29, 2018-

How to use slip on flange?

As a flange manufacture for 36 years, we will How to use slip on flange. Slip on flange in the actual production and development of the use of different methods and processes for the production and production, according to the method and principle of the process, to different aspects can produce important value and role, in the actual production to add a certain element, so as to increase the characteristics and value of carbon steel flange, the performance of good use characteristics and value. 

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The advantages of the slip on flange are as follows:
1.Flat welding flange welding assembly is easier to install is simple and convenient.
2.The use of a wide range, can be used in metallurgy, machinery, chemical, petroleum, machine tools, water conservancy, construction, engineering, shipbuilding, environmental protection, coal, agricultural machinery, food, boiler pressure vessels and many other industries.
3.Beautiful appearance, flat welding flange surface smooth, mainly used for carbon steel pipe connection.
4.Easy to disassemble the inspection of the pipeline.
5.Connecting the pipe, the flat welding flange can also keep the pipeline sealing performance.
The disadvantages of the slip on flange are:
1.Poor rigidity, do not use to harm the occasion;
2.The shape of the characteristics in transit more easily bump. 

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How to buy slip on flange?
The flat welding flange is suitable for piping systems with low pressure rating, pressure fluctuation, vibration and shock. Products have many advantages, so it is used in many industries, and its models have many, and with the continuous innovation of technology, products are becoming more and more popular. The following is a description of the relevant knowledge of the product: flat welding flange can greatly save space, reduce the weight, and it can also ensure that the joints do not appear leakage phenomenon, with very good sealing performance. The size of the flange is reduced because the diameter of the seal is reduced, which will reduce the section of the sealing surface. The advantage of the flat welding flange is that the welding flange is easy to be assembled and the price is comparatively cheap, so it has been widely used. Warm tip: Today, with the neck flat welding flange products are used very high frequency, so the production of such products are very many manufacturers, and its performance in the development of science and technology is also constantly improving, but in order to make the product used to update security and rest assured that not only in the purchase time to choose the formal manufacturers, And in the operation of the time also must follow the instructions to carry out!