Industrial pipe fittings

- Jul 05, 2018-

Industrial pipe fittings

Industrial pipe fittings are supplied to many countries and areas by Beijing Metleader Pipeline Technology Inc. The main products scope of metleader refers to pipe elbow, pipe tee, pipe reducer, pipe end cap and so on.

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The application of industrial pipe fittings widely used for petroleum industry, Oil & Gas pipeline, Power plant, Shipbuilding industry etc. Generally the pipe elbows play the function to change the direction of pipelines, pipe tees can connect the pipes from three different direction, pipe reducers make two pipes that one diameter is big the other one diameter is small connected together. And pipe end caps have the function to seal the end of pipes. Certainly except for these products there are many other industrial pipe fittings they all develop very important roles. 

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The material of industrial pipe fittings commonly produced by carbon steel, alloy steel and stainless steel. Beijing Metleader Pipeline Technology Inc. specially manufactures carbon steel pipe fittings, such as A234 WPB, st37.5, SS400, P235 GH and so on. These material are the most popular and used widely in the worldwide. Our company also have many other type carbon steel used for low temperature pipe lines for example A420 WPL6. And The material of industrial pipe fittings specially applied for oil & gas pipelines generally adopt pipeline steel including A694 WPHY42/52/65/70.

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The packaging of industrial pipe fittings exported to overseas must be suitable for sea freight.  

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