Introduction of Carbon steel pipe fittings

- Jun 04, 2018-

Introduction of Carbon steel pipe fittings

We as a production of carbon steel pipe parts for more than 36 years, the price of carbon steel pipe has a very good ability to control. From raw materials to production, the maximum cost reduction, so we provide the product must be the most high quality and low price products. If you are interested in carbon steel pipe products, you can get the carbon steel pipe price list form us.

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Carbon steel pipe parts can be said to be a more common type of pipe products, it is mainly made of carbon steel materials, carbon steel pipe not only refers to a product, it is mainly a series of products, such as carbon steel elbow, carbon steel flange, carbon steel head, etc., are part of this series of products.
The price of the carbon steel pipe is mainly influenced by the price fluctuation of the steel pipe. Therefore, in a certain period of time, our company can give the carbon steel pipe price list, but also effective will not remain too long, generally 1-2 weeks of time.
There are many kinds of pipe fittings, which are classified according to the use, connection, material and processing methods.

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Categories by Purpose:
1. Pipe fittings used to connect each other are: flange, live connection, pipe hoop, clamp, card sleeve, throat hoop, etc.
2. Pipe fittings To change the direction of pipe: elbow, Bend Pipe
3. Change pipe pipe diameter of pipe fittings: change diameter (different diameter pipe), different diameter elbow, support tube, reinforcement pipe
4. Increase Pipe Branch tube: Tee, four-pass
5. Pipe fittings for pipeline sealing: Gasket, RAW meal belt, line hemp, flange blind Board, Pipe plugging, blind board, head sealing, welding plug
6. Pipe fittings for pipe fixing: clasp, hook, ring, bracket, bracket, pipe card, etc.
Categories by the connection points:
1. Welded Pipe Fittings
2. Threaded Pipe Fittings
3. Card Casing Parts
4. Clamp PIPE
5. Socket Tube Fittings
6. Adhesive Tube Parts
7. Hot-Melt Pipe Fittings
8. Curved elastic Double Melt pipe Fitting
9. Rubber Ring Connection Type pipe fittings
Categories by Material:
1. Carbon Steel Pipe Parts
2. Cast Iron Pipe Fittings
3. Stainless Steel Pipe Fittings
4. Plastic Pipe Parts
5. PVC Pipe Fittings
6. Rubber Fittings