Using of raised face long weld neck flange

- May 18, 2018-

Using of raised face long weld neck flange

Using of raised face long weld neck flange: Boiler pressure vessel, petroleum, chemical industry, shipbuilding, pharmacy, metallurgy, machinery, stamping elbow food and other industries. It is convenient to install on site, and can omit the operation procedure of weld rubbing. 

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The long weld neck flange is mainly high in neck to improve the stiffness and bearing capacity of flanges. The purpose is to transfer the pressure of the pipe, thereby reducing the flange in the high stress concentrated butt welding flanges, also known as high neck flange, rigid, suitable for high pressure temperature occasions. The main production process has the overall forging, forging and casting, rolling and so on. The main production equipment has lathes, drilling machines, CNC machine tools and so on.  

Advantages of using of raised face long weld neck flange:
1. Connecting the pipe and can keep the pipeline sealing performance.
2. Facilitate the replacement of a section of the pipeline.
3. Easy to disassemble and check the piping situation.
4. Facilitate the closure of a section of the pipeline.

The raised face long weld neck flange includes a wide variety of types and models, for welding steel flange with Uffalan and pipe welding, mainly used in welding technology, the performance of good use characteristics and performance, its structure is reasonable, strength and stiffness. According to the specific conditions to ensure the specific use value and performance of welding flange, withstand high temperature and pressure. Raised face long weld neck flange for a wide range of uses, the use of the range according to different characteristics of the determination, more for the medium conditions more relaxed, such as low pressure non-purification compressed air, low pressure circulating water, its advantage is that the price is relatively cheap. 

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Applicable to the nominal pressure of not more than 2.5MPa steel pipe connection, the welding flange sealing surface can be made into a smooth, concave-convex and tenon groove type three kinds. The application volume of the smooth butt welding flange is the largest, and the other two kinds of butt welding flange are more common in use. Raised face long weld neck flange to withstand high temperature and pressure and repeated bending and temperature fluctuations, reliable sealing, the nominal pressure for the 0.25~2.5mpa of the butt welding flanges using concave-convex sealing surface. The main application of the environment is appropriate.