180° Carbon Steel Elbow VS 90° Elbow

- May 23, 2018-

180° carbon steel elbow VS 90° elbow

Today, i will show the most welcome products to you: 180° carbon steel elbow VS 90° elbow. When the two sections of the tube is parallel, the axis is not coincident, using 180° carbon steel elbow, than two 90° elbow less than a weld.
180° carbon steel elbow VS 90° elbow Use Occasion:  
1. When the media in the pipeline need to flow in the opposite direction, and the layout of space is not enough, with 180° carbon steel elbow or U-bend can be resolved;
2. If you use 90° carbon steel elbow, the general middle need a certain short tube, and weld increase, the cost increases but the stress resistance is bigger;  
3. Some of the spray-type serpentine heat exchanger may be used to 180° carbon steel elbow, can also be directly simmering bends, common in the early synthetic ammonia compressed gas heat exchanger. 

180° carbon steel elbow VS 90° elbow.jpg

When the pipe needs to turn, we use this part, which is called the elbow. Elbow production materials are divided into many kinds, there are stainless steel materials, there are cast iron materials, of course, there are alloy materials, this part is divided into many angles, different angles of the shape of the parts, now many people are also understanding, the angle of this part is divided into how many kinds? Which of these angles is most commonly used? 

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In the building materials market, we can often see distributors in the sales elbow, in fact, this part is divided into many categories, different kinds of parts from different angles, usually, in the building materials market, the more common angle, there are 45 degrees, 60 degrees, 90 degrees and 180 degrees, these degrees are more common parts. But also have other angles of the parts, if people have special needs, can also find this part of the manufacturer of large quantities of custom-made, people can be customized special angle of the parts.