What Are The Advantage And Classification Of Carbon Steel Elbow?

- Jul 25, 2018-

What are the advantage and classification of carbon steel elbow?

Carbon steel elbow is a relatively common product in current industrial production. It is an important tool for connecting pipes in the direction of turning. It is used in many fields in the current field. What are the advantages of carbon steel elbow?
What are the advantages of carbon steel elbows?
1. No need tube blank as raw material, it can save the cost of pipe making equipment and mold, and at the same time can obtain carbon steel elbow with any large diameter and relatively thin wall thickness.
2. The blank is a flat plate or a developable curved surface, so the material is simple to cut, the precision is easy to ensure, and the assembly and welding are more convenient.
3, Do not need any special equipment, especially suitable for on-site processing of large carbon steel elbows.
4.Carbon steel elbows are suitable for pipeline systems in petroleum, chemical, hydropower, construction and boiler industries.

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What are the classification of carbon steel elbow materials?
Carbon steel elbows are classified according to carbon content
1. According to the mass percentage of carbon: low carbon steel (C: ≤0.25%) medium carbon steel (C: 0.25% ≤ C ≤ 0.6%) high carbon steel (C: >0.6%) The higher the carbon content, The greater of the hardness and the strength, but the plasticity decreases.
2, according to the quality of steel (primarily impurity sulfur, phosphorus content): usually carbon steel (S ≤ 0.055%, P ≤ 0.045%) carbon steel (S ≤ 0.040%, P ≤ 0.040%) high-grade carbon Steel (S ≤ 0.030%, P ≤ 0.035%).
3, according to the use of: carbon structural steel: primary for bridges, ships, building components, machine parts and so on. Carbon tool steel: primary for tools, molds, gauges, etc.