Advantage Of Galvanized Threaded Flange From China

- Jan 11, 2018-

Advantage of galvanized threaded flange from china

If you are in the area of ss & cs flanges and pipe fittings, you must not be unfamiliar galvanized threaded flange from china, then do you know why we galvanized flange?

Advantage of galvanized threaded flange from china.jpg

Pls see the advantage as below:
1, Low processing cost: The cost of antirust of galvanizing is lower than that of other paint coating;
2, Durability: In the suburb environment, the standard galvanized rust-proof thickness can be maintained for more than 50 years without repair; in the urban or offshore areas, the standard galvanized rust-proof layer can be maintained for 20 years without repair;
3, good reliability: galvanized coating and the steel is the metallurgical Union, becomes a part of the steel surface, therefore the coating durability is more reliable;
4, The toughness of the coating is strong: The galvanized layer forms a special metallurgical structure which can withstand mechanical damage during transportation and use;
5, comprehensive protection: Each part of the plating piece can be plated with zinc, even in the depression, sharp corners and hidden areas can be fully protected;
6, save time and effort: The galvanizing process is quicker than other coating construction methods, and can avoid the time required for painting on the site after installation.