Advantages Of Alloy Pipe Elbow

- Oct 10, 2018-

Advantages of alloy pipe elbow

First, good wear resistance
The chromium rare earth boron wear-resistant alloy in the alloy elbow can be hardened according to different working conditions. The chromium hardness can be controlled within the range of HRC45-65 and has high toughness alloy elbow fittings.

A234 Wpb Weld Seamless Carbon Steel Elbow.jpg

Second, good thermal shock resistance
Due to the thermal expansion coefficient of the inner and outer layers of the composite wear-resistant tube, the alloy elbow does not suffer from internal fragmentation and early failure in the case of high-altitude and frequent changes.

ASME B16.9 Carbon steel pipe elbow.jpg

Third, strong corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, high wear resistance
Due to the composition and structural characteristics of Rα carbide and the matrix of solid solution content of Cr, the alloy elbow has strong heat and corrosion resistance, and then Mo is added to show good corrosion resistance under high temperature or corrosive environment. Wear resistance, adding a certain amount of rare earth, the internal structure of the alloy is more dense, and a protective film is formed on the surface to prevent carbon from seeping out.