Advantages Of Carbon Steel AMSE B16.47 Loose Flanges

- Dec 26, 2017-

Advantages of carbon steel AMSE B16.47 Loose Flanges

The AMSE B16.47 Loose Flanges are used in conjunction with a corresponding "insert" flange. The main advantage of this type of flanges is that once the pipe is welded to the insertion end, the flange can be rotated to make it easier to align the bolt hole. However, the pressure of carbon steel loose flange and its end is similar to that of the sliding flange. They do not apply to situations where external forces or forces vary greatly. They do provide a plumbing system advantage that requires frequent disassembly or elimination of accumulation. If the high voltage application is being implemented, a rotating ring flange or insert flange is recommended to replace the loose flange and the short end. We can provide rotating ring flange or insert flange according to your request.

lap joint flange.jpgcarbon steel loose flange

Main features:
Use with the matching stub end insert
It is recommended to be used in applications requiring frequent disassembly of flanges and piping
The loose flange can be rotated so as to align the bolt holes
It is not recommended to use under extreme pressure temperature
The loose flange
These flanges are always used with the end or Taft, which is welded with the pipe and the flange is loose behind. This means that the stub end or Taft always makes the face. Lap joints are advantageous in low voltage applications because they are easy to assemble and align. In order to reduce costs, these flanges can be providedwithout a hub and/or treated coated carbon steel.
Standard: ANSI, MSS, API, AWWA, DIN, JIS, BS and GB.
Process: free forging, sheet cutting.
Size range: 1/2 "to 64" (according to customer requirements and larger size).
Materials: carbon steel, stainless steel and alloy steel.
Printing: black or yellow painting, oil or varnish.

Packing: wooden box, wooden pallet, or according to customer's special request, standard export packing. we can also produce special application flanges and forgings for customer requirements.

plywood case of flangesplywood pallet of flanges jpg