Analysis Of The Forming Principle Of The Size Head

- Nov 16, 2017-

Reducer also known as the size of the head, chemical pipe fittings, for two different diameters of the connection, in the shrinkage or expansion of deformation suppression process, according to different materials and the size of the situation, to determine the use of cold pressure or hot pressing, usually, as far as possible the use of cold pressure, but on multiple variable diameter and cause serious processing hardening situation, The thickness of the case or alloy steel materials should be used hot pressing.
The Reducer (size head) is a kind of pipe fitting used in the pipe diameter, and the forming process is usually used for reducing the diameter, enlarging the diameter or reducing the diameter and enlarging the diameter, and stamping the different diameter pipes.
Depending on the size of the reducer, it is divided into one pressing forming or multiple pressing forming, and the shrink forming process of the reducer is inserted into the forming die with the same diameter pipe blank, and the metal is pressed along the axial direction of the pipe billet, so as to make the metallic movement and shrink forming along the mould cavity.