ANSI 150 Weld Neck Flange Export Indonesia

- May 16, 2018-

ANSI 150 weld neck flange export Indonesia

On April 5th, the customer placed an order, which lasted one and a half months to finally complete production of all products.
Has the largest number of ANSI B16.5 welded neck flanges.this product export indomesia.This is the third batch of flanged pipe fittings for Indonesian customers. The customer trusts us very much. We don't need to come to work.
This is some picture of Ansi 150 weld neck flange :

picture of Ansi 150 weld neck flange.jpg

Some pipe fittings picture:

Some pipe fittings picture.jpg

Our product expect ansi 150 weld neck flange export Indonesia,we also export Southeast Asia:Cambodia, Singapore, Philippines, etc.South America:Brazil, Peru, Venezuela and other Africa, North America and other regions.
If you need this produc hope you can give us a chance to quote, you can get a more perfect supplier. Looking forward to our cooperation.