- Nov 24, 2017-

We sell pipe products, but also a service. In the course of our business, we found that many customers, middlemen customers or users, have a lot of installation and use of problems, to the customer caused a hate to trouble.
In response to this problem, we have expanded our service system, from the previous pre-service, to the current post-service. From the time you receive the goods, our full-time technology, will be the entire process for you to solve the problem of use, truly become your solution experts.

Every one of our customers is equipped with an engineer, all of your installation problems, we will solve for you. The solutions are as follows:
1.Online solution. For products used before the understanding and product use of the puzzle, as well as the special engineering environment, you are worried about the problem, our technology 24 hours online for you to solve.
2.Installation problems. If in the installation, meet your company engineers difficult to solve the problem, we will send our technical engineers, to the scene, field guidance.

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