Carbon Steel Pipe Fitting Manufacturer

- Jun 07, 2018-

Carbon steel pipe fitting manufacturer

Beijing Metleader Pipeline Technology Inc. is a leading manufacturer of carbon steel pipe fitting with more than 36 years experience. The production standards of carbon steel pipe fitting that we are being carried out refer to ANSI B16.9, DIN, JIS, GOST, and EN.

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What is carbon steel pipe fitting?
Carbon steel pipe fitting includes MS casting fitting and carbon steel butt weld pipe fitting. That Metleader produces is just carbon steel butt weld pipe fitting. Carbon steel pipe fitting as the name suggests it is component of pipeline usually used for the transportation of oil & gas, petroleum industry, chemical industry, power plant, ship building industry and so on. Carbon steel pipe fitting plays very important function in pipelines which can change the direction of pipes, connect two or three pipes from different directions. Because it is used mach up the pipes that request the size and wall thickness of pipe fitting is same as pipes. Not only these the material must be same as well. 

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The types of carbon steel pipe fitting:
Carbon steel butt weld pipe fitting has several types. Elbow 90 degree long and short radius, elbow 45 degree long and short radius, 180 degree long and short radius, equal tee, reduced tee, concentric reducer, eccentric reducer and pipe cap.
Elbows no matter long and short radius or what degree the function is to change the direction of pipes. Tee is to connect three pipes from different direction and reducer is to connect two pipes with different diameter. 

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Pipe cap is to seal the end of pipes.
Beijing Metleader Pipeline Technology Inc. is a professional supplier of carbon steel pipe fittings. In order to supply customers good quality with very moderate cost, our technologists work hard to improve production technical all the time which is the good guarantee for stable quality. Our all staff are trying the best to serve the customers to get more and more good reputation. We warmly welcome you to visit us and trust us.