China Socket Weld Flange Export To Egypt

- May 17, 2018-

China Socket Weld Flange Export to Egypt

Since the first China socket weld flange export to Egypt in 2001, we explored Egypt market. So Now we have several Egypt large buyer customers. As a professional manufacturer in china, we insist on flange produce for more than 36 years.

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Socket flange is referred to as (SW flange), the basic shape of socket flanges and with neck flat welding flange, that is, the hole in the flange opened a section of the hole, pipe inserted into the hole in the weld, in the back of the flange welding a circle of welds, due to socket flange and gap between, easy to produce corrosion, if the inside again welded a seam can avoid this corrosion. The fatigue strength of the socket flange welded on both sides is 5% and the static strength is the same as that of the flat welding flange. When using this socket flange, the inner diameter of the pipe must be the same as that of the tube. The socket flange is only suitable for pipes with a nominal diameter of 150 or less.

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The socket weld flange class 150 Shipped to Alexander port of Egypt. Alexandria (also translated as Alexandria) is a port in Egypt on the Mediterranean coast, and Egypt's most important seaport, Egypt's second largest city and the capital of Alexandria province.