Indian Client Inspect Our Carbon Steel Pipe Fittings In Our Factory

- Oct 17, 2018-

Indian client inspect our carbon steel pipe fittings in our factory  

One of our cooperating clients from Indian came to our factory for inspection of our carbon steel pipe fittings in the beginning of October. This client is a leading importer and stockiest in Indian local market, and they contacted with us by phone in August. Before we near finish our production we informed our clients, and they prepared for their schedule to visit our factory and inspect the cargos.
We picked them up and went directly to our factory. After getting our factory, they asked to inspect the cargos first, then visit our factory. 

Indian client inspect our carbon steel pipe fittings in our factoryThe inspection progress have two parts, the first part is Visual inspection, which include outside diameter, wall thickness, apperance, etc. The second part is NDT inspection, which is very important for quality. This is to inspect if any defects such as slag inclusions, pores and cracks hidden inside the weld carbon steel pipe fittings. After the inspection, clients showed a satisfied smile and they expressed that, they wanted to keep a long and steady business relationship with our company. We accompanied our clients visiting our factory, our workshop, CNC workshop, packaging workshop, raw material workshop and finished product warehouse. During the visiting progress, our technician accompanied and gave explanation for each process, clients showed big interest in our CNC workshop. At last, they told us after this order shipped, they would gave us a big order.
Factory visiting finished, we are preparing for delivery of our carbon steel pipe fittings. Hope more clients come to visit our factory!