Connection Of Flat Welding Flange Device

- Nov 16, 2017-

The flat welding flange connection may need to withstand very high tensile, anti-pressure, torsional, shear strength, large flange is a good choice, products include: stainless steel flange, flat welding flange, butt welding flange, flange (blind plate flange), small-diameter flange high pressure flanges finishing, flat welding flange connection device: The flat welding flange is two large caliber pipe's connecting standard flange connection installment, usually is two flange piece plus several fastening bolts.
Low-carbon steel with good plastic strength, the addition of the appropriate amount of charcoal will become hard, plastic reduction strength is generally used in the pipeline, then, loose bolts can rotate both sides of the pipeline, and then tighten can be more convenient to dismantle the pipeline.