Definition And Application Of Carbon Steel Reducer

- Jan 02, 2018-

Definition and application of carbon steel reducer

Carbon Steel reducer, as the name suggests the material used is carbon steel, the main representatives have 20#, Q235, Q345, 16Mn and so on. A connection between two different pipe diameters. According to the different shape, divided into carbon steel concentric reducer and carbon steel eccentric reducer. Concentric very good to understand, it is both two ends of the tube have same central point and in the same line, the other is eccentric reducer. The main implementation standards: the chemical Department (HG/T5010-1958,HG/T20592-2009 Machinery Department Standard (jb/t81-1959,jb/t74-1994) Petrochemical Department Standard (sh3406-1996) national standards (gb/t9112-2000) 

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Carbon steel reducer main application industry:
1.Carbon steel reducer can be applied to chemical, petroleum, metallurgy, light industry, electricity, plumbing, food, medicine, fiber, ink and other industries of water, gas, steam, oil and corrosive media control.  
2.Sanitary valves, Fluid pipe fittings, special industry-specific fittings and machinery supporting equipment can be used in dairy products, pharmaceuticals, beer, beverages, edible oil and other industries to meet their professional requirements.
3.According to the different standard system production products, can be suitable for the corresponding equipment standard system, and according to user requirements, the production of non-standard products, suitable for special purposes.

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