Different Faces Of Slip On Flange

- Mar 26, 2018-

Different faces of slip on flange

We are a 36 years old manufacturer of all kinds of flanges, which exported flange and pipefitting products since 2008. Raised face slip on flange is a very hot sale product this year. In our company, the stable product quality is the most important thing, so you can trust us and please feel free to contact us.

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There are many flange sealing face type, which are commonly used face are flat face/FF, raised face/ RF, male and female face/MFM, tongue and groove/TG.

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Structure of raised face slip on flange is simple, it’s convenient to process and easy to anti corrosion treatment. Because of this raised face slip on flange and gasket contact area is larger, such as improper preload, gasket easy to be extruded sealing surface, also not easy to press tight, sealing performance is poor.Suitable for occasions with low pressure, generally used under the pressure of Pn≤2.5mpa. 

MFM has two flange junctions , the one is convex, the other one is concave. Its more difficult than the plane flange to process, but the installation is easier, and can avoid gasket is extruded sealing surface, sealing performance is better than plane sealing surface.

The flange sealing surface of tongue and groove surface is made of a tenon face and a groove face, and the sealing surface is narrower. Due to the blocking of the groove surface, the gasket will not be extruded and pressed, and less subject to erosion and corrosion of the medium. Installation is easy to the middle, the gasket is uniform, sealed and reliable. Applicable to flammable, explosive and toxic media occasions. It is more difficult to replace, because of the narrow gasket.