DIN Weld Neck Flange

- Feb 27, 2018-

DIN Weld Neck Flange

DIN- the German institute for standardization is a private organization that provides standardized services in Germany. DIN represents Germany's national interest in Europe and the world. DIN EN 2527,25,2630,26. The series of standards cover pressure - temperature grade, material, dimensions, tolerances, liquid or gas - fluid piping markings.
Beijing Metleader Pipeline Technology Co., LTD. Was set up 35 years ago, is to satisfy the growing demand of all material grade of carbon steel DIN weld neck flange, blind flange, threaded flange, loose or lap joint flange. We manufacture and export flange in accordance with national and international quality standards and production base, has in accordance with international technical level of equipment.
   Recently we export high quality DIN 2635 PN40 weld flange to Italian. The material of these flanges is P245 GH, the pressure is PN40. And the quality has been inspected by the third party of BV, customer is very satisfied for it.

WN flanges.jpgWN flange.jpg

The packaging of DIN weld neck flange is generally plywood case or pallet. If customer has special request, we also can supply according to it.

flange packaging plywood case.jpgflange packaging plywood pallet.jpg