May 28 Finish Welding Neck Flanges 900 Lbs Of Malaysia Customer

- May 15, 2018-

May 28 finish welding neck flanges 900 lbs of Malaysia customer

Welding neck flange, is one kind of pipe fittings, because of its characteristic, it has been widely used in many areas. In all of our flanges, welding neck flange is also the most welcomed by clients.
In the beginning of April, our old customer from Malaysia have placed new orders for welding neck flange 900lbs, and as they are our old customer and friends, we always give our biggest support. Even the amount is large, our production manager have prepared raw materials and arranged production as soon as we got the payment. During our production, we kept close contact with our clients to inform each progress of the production, and got big praise from him.

welding neck flanges 900 lbs

Until now, half the production have been finished, and our production manager told that: on May.28,2018, all the welding neck flanges 900lbs of Malaysia customer will be finished. We will give very good and beautiful packing as before, so clients will sell well in his market.
Now if other clients have same requirement order, welcome to contact with us.