Forged Carbon Steel Socket Flange

- Feb 27, 2018-

Forged carbon steel socket flange

Beijing Metleader Pipeline Technology Inc. is a professional supplier of forged carbon steel socket flange, our factory has high economic and technical strength, with a group of professional engineers and technical personnel ,well-equipped production of flange, perfect testing equipment, our plant produce American standard flange, Russian standard flange, German standard flange, British Standard flange, export flange, carbon steel flange, forged flange, socket flange, large flange, loose flange and other products. The products are deeply praised by customers at home and abroad.
Our company developed a variety of flange pipe products sold throughout the country, widely exported to Europe and the United States, the Middle East and Southeast Asian countries and regions. For gas, heat, nuclear power, electricity, petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, aerospace, military, fire, metallurgy, shipbuilding, urban construction, plumbing and environmental protection industries to provide quality services. has been selected as fixed-point, collaborative enterprise.

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Now our company have began our normal work after Chinese New Year, welcome all clients and friends to contact with us for all inquiry about carbon steel Slip On flange & stainless steel flanges, you will be satisfied both for our products and services.