High Pressure Steel Pipe Fittings

- Apr 17, 2018-

High pressure steel pipe fittings

Our company supplies high quality high pressure steel pipe fittings, high pressure flanges and pipes. High-pressure steel pipe fittings are widely used in industrial pipelines, because it’s easy to install but can withstand greater pressure.

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Material of high pressure steel pipe fittings
Usually high-quality cast steel, carbon steel, stainless steel or alloy steel, can make high-pressure pipe in a variety of high-pressure pipeline withstand high pressure and can withstand the corrosion of the pipeline fluid.

Characteristics of high pressure steel pipe fittings
High-pressure elbow not only have good compressive capacity, in different piping systems also need to have other excellent characteristics. For example, in the concrete conveying pipeline, the high-pressure pipe in the slurry conveying pipeline not only can withstand the high pipe pressure, but also has the good abrasion resistance. And in the chemical raw material transportation piping system of high-pressure elbow, in addition to bear high pipe pressure, but also has excellent corrosion resistance and acid-alkali ability.

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The most prominent risk factors for high pressure pipeline and high pressure steel pipe fittings are over-temperature, over pressure, corrosion, abrasion and vibration. The excess temperature and over pressure of the pipeline are related to the operation error or abnormal overload of the reaction vessel, corrosion and abrasion are related to the content of corrosive substances or impurities and the flow velocity in the process medium. The vibration and rotational mechanical dynamic balance is bad or the foundation design does not conform to the stipulation, but the more main is the fluid flow rate in the pipeline is high, the turn is too many, the section abrupt change and so on form the excitation strength flow pulsation. Corrosion and abrasion will gradually weaken the structure strength of pipe and pipe fittings, vibration easily lead to loose leakage and fatigue fracture of pipeline connectors. Even a small pipeline, pipe or valve leakage or rupture, will cause more serious disasters, such as fire, explosion or poisoning. It has been proved for many years that the frequency and harmfulness of high pressure pipeline accidents are no less than those of pressure vessels.