How To Ensure The Quality Of 30 Degree Pipe Bend

- Mar 28, 2018-

How to ensure the quality of 30 degree pipe bend

We are a manufacturer in China, which is mainly export all kinds of pipefittings and flanges. Today, let’s talk about How to ensure the quality of 30 degree pipe bend, which is the most concern of clients. If you want to buy this product, please read this text, which will help you a lot.

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The main causes of the drop in the quality of 30 degree pipe bend and the attention method: 

1.When bending of 30 degree pipe bend, the pipe under the external force, wherein the lateral wall of the layer is under tensile stress effect and thinning, the internal compressive stress action and thickening, the joint pipe cross-section change.Therefore, it is easy to cause the quality of the 30 degree pipe bend to drop, so we have a variety of pressure levels in the RX value and the lateral thinning amount are made clear, the purpose is to control the RX and SX value, so as to ensure quality.
2.The front section has been said, the 30 degree pipe bend pipe bending process, the material outside the side of the pull, the inner pressure neutral axis position is different from the bending method, in the top bending (compression bending) work when the neutral axis is about 1/3 from the outer wall, in the bending (back-bending) work, the neutral axis in the outer wall 2/3.So it is useful to bend the thin-walled pipe and use the bending method.
3.The precision of Bend tyre is also one of the factors that affect the quality of 30 degree pipe bend. We are in the bending tire manufacturing, in addition to the size of the requirements of the control in a certain tolerance range, but also require the user in the use of the bending pipe diameter to choose the corresponding bending tires.
4. The Flexural properties and surface corrosion of the tube may also affect the quality of the pipe. In-situ construction, operators also need to understand the processing of the pipe materials, processing properties and the surface corrosion conditions to make production judgments.
5.Provide R value. (Bending radius/pipe diameter) graph, for the user in the selection of pipe diameter and thickness of the relationship between the reference. Reflect the relative bending radius, relative to the wall thickness of the bending pipe quality, according to the acceptance of pipe processing specifications: Cold bending steel pipe, medium and low pressure 4D, high pressure of 5D. Special circumstances may be agreed upon separately.

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