How To Replace The Sealing Ring Of The American Standard Flange

- Jan 11, 2021-

American standard flange seal is a product that connects two flanges and places them in the center of the two flange sealing surfaces, and then tightens the American standard flange to prevent leakage of the American standard flange. It is very convenient to replace the sealing ring of the big American standard flange. When the sealing ring needs to be replaced, there is no need to remove the valve disc.
Just open the valve next to the American standard flange, and then remove the key in the operating device to adjust the operating device to the closed state. After that, it maintains the connection with the main valve key, and then continues to roll the handwheel in the opening direction until the seal ring sits on the side facing the valve body seal to replace the seal ring.

ring of the American standard flange

The sealing ring of the American standard flange generates a self-sealing force under the effect of the working pressure in the opposite direction, thereby increasing the sealing specific pressure, the sealing ring squeezes the valve seat, and the greater working pressure in the opposite direction, the self-sealing force Bigger. The greater the combination of the seal and the valve seat, the two-way seal is completed.
In high-pressure equipment and pipelines, lenses or other shapes of copper, aluminum, 10 steel, stainless steel metal gaskets. The touch width between the high-pressure gasket and the sealing surface is very narrow (line touch), and the sealing surface and the gasket have a high processing finish.

American standard flange thread connection (wire connection) American standard flange and welding American standard flange. Low pressure small diameter wire welding American standard flanges, high pressure and low pressure large diameter American standard flanges are all welded American standard flanges. The thickness of the American standard flange of different pressure, the diameter and the number of the connecting bolt are different.