How To Test The Welded Flange Correctly?

- Jul 10, 2018-

How to test the welded flange correctly?

As a correct test way of the welded flange, we usually take two ways to view it.
1. When checking the appearance of the welding flange, We usually use the right eye to see the appearance of the welding flange. For the appearance of the welding flange, we have to repair the welding flange where there is something wrong.
2. We use ultrasonic equipment to perform ultrasonic welding on the welding flange. As the ultrasonic welding of the welding flange, there is a sense of ultrasound in the welding flange itself. In this way, it is possible to detect whether the weld flange is intrinsically qualified.
The purpose of welding flange connection is easy to disassemble.
As a welded flange, our welded flanges are usually removable when the welded flanges are connected. For the disassembly, the welded flanges are particularly convenient.

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The main features of the welded flange connection are easy disassembly, high strength and good sealing performance. When installing the welded flange, the two flanges must be kept parallel, the sealing surface of the flange should not be damaged, and it should be cleaned. The gasket used for welding the flange shall be selected according to the design regulations. Flange threaded connection (wire connection) flange and welded flange. Low-pressure small-diameter wire-bonded flanges, high-pressure and low-pressure large diameters are all welded flanges. The thickness of the welded flanges of different pressures and the diameter and number of connecting bolts are different. Therefore, in the industrial pipeline, when the welding flange is connected, the application of the welding flange is also very extensive.