Inspection Of Carbon Steel Equal Tee

- Jan 02, 2018-

Inspection of carbon steel equal tee

Recently our company exported Malaysia client a batch of seamless 4 inch carbon steel equal tee. The quality is very good and got the confirmation from the client. They are planning to place orders in the whole year of 2018. Hope we will have a happy cooperation in new year.  

Carbon steel equal tee  Manufacturing Process:  

Used in the manufacture of carbon steel tee there are two types of manufacturing process. Carbon steel tee is made of seamless pipe and welded pipe (ERW and EFW pipe cannot be used in manufacturing steel pipe tees). The large diameter tee is made of steel plate. The manufacturing process is usually Hydraulic Bulge Method and Hot Extrusion Method.

Hydraulic Bulge Method

The Hydraulic Bulge Method is used to make carbon steel tee. Cutting a piece of pipe putting it in the hydraulic mould. The liquid is filled in the pipe and the hydraulic pressure is released pushed out the branch in the fixed opening of the mould. This method provides a good surface finish. But this method cannot produce a higher thickness tee.

Hot Extrusion Method

Hot extrusion method is usually used to make the tee with large diameter, heavy wall thickness and challenging special material which can not be manufactured by hydraulic bulge method. In a hot extrusion method, the raw material pipe with a diameter larger than the finished product is usually used to extrude the branch outlet out of the pipe. If needed, you can also adjust the body and other dimensions of the branch by pressing the mold.

Inspection of 4 inch carbon steel equal tee  

As i mentioned about the manufacturing process of tee, which are all pushed the branch from the pipe, so the place between branch and body is very easily to craze. Heat treatment and NDT inspection are necessary for tees no matter big diameter or small diameter. Heat treatment is for the purpose of eliminating stress of the tee and NDT is for checking the crack. Usually we adapt Magnetic particle Inspection to test tees, our 4 inch  equal tee accepted 100% Magnetic particle Inspection and the qualification rate is 100%.  Magnetic particle Inspection is a kind of very popular, low-cost inspection method and the performance is good. Our company supplied all customers carbon steel tee always do Magnetic particle Inspection for each one.

inspection of tee.pngequal tee  (6).jpg