Large Diameter Steel Pipe Inspection

- Nov 16, 2018-

Large diameter steel pipe inspection

Today, orders for large diameter steel pipes exported to the UAE are all completed. Customers appoint a third party to come to inspect the goods, mainly for the material, size, caliber and other key items for inspection. The test results are qualified. All the goods pass the third-party inspection. The customers connect with us by video on the spot. They are very satisfied with the quality of the goods.

Large diameter steel pipe inspection

Five standard steps for testing large diameter steel pipes are as follows:
1. large diameter steel pipes should be submitted for acceptance in batches, and the rules for group approval should meet the requirements of corresponding product standards.
2. The inspection items, sampling quantity, sampling location and testing method of large diameter steel pipes shall be in accordance with the relevant product standards. With the consent of the buyer, the hot rolled seamless large-diameter steel pipe can be sampled in batches according to the rolling root array.
3. In the test results of large-caliber steel tubes, when a certain item does not meet the requirements of product standards, the unqualified persons should be picked out, and double number of samples should be selected from the same batch of large-caliber steel tubes for the reexamination of unqualified items. If the re-inspection results (including any index required by the project test) are not qualified, the large-caliber steel pipes shall not be delivered. The following items are not allowed to be reexamined when the initial test is not qualified: a. White spots in low-power tissues; B. Microstructure.
4. Large-caliber steel pipes with unqualified re-inspection results (including those with unqualified microstructures and no re-inspection allowed) may be submitted for acceptance by the supplier one by one, or re-heat-treated (the number of Re-heat-treatment must not exceed two times) and submitted for acceptance in a new batch.

Large diameter steel pipe inspection 6

5. if the product standards are not specified, the chemical composition of large diameter steel pipes shall be checked according to the smelting components.