Our SS Pipe Elbow Export To Malaysia

- Dec 03, 2018-

Our SS pipe elbow export to Malaysia

Rencently we exported a new lot of stainless steel pipe elbow to Malaysia market. The client saw our website and send us an inquiry of stainless steel pipe elbow in the May, but some specifications were not very clear. Then we checked with client, but got no reply.
Later one day, the client called us and said he was on busness trip and would send the details to us soon. We wait for 1 day and got his mail, after checking all the products we quote accordingly. 

We sent our price of the stainless steel pipe elbow to him by mail, then no reply again. We don’t know why, if he was still on business trip or have any other things, we followed again and again.

In June, the client replied, and said the products are used for a project, but quantity needed were changed. Then we needed to check again the new requirement and sent our update price, but client replied it was high. We checked again and again, the price was really not high, as our profit was very little. But client doesn’t accept the price. What could we do now? No suppliers could do business without profit, right? Then we wrote to client that, hope we can do business next time.

Our SS pipe elbow export to Malaysia

In October, one day we received a new inquiry from this client, and we checked and quote accordingly, this time, clients just asked some questions about the stainless steel pipe elbow, and not very long time, we got reply that the client would place a order with us.
We signed PI and arranged production after advance payment, and in November we finished the production and delivered the cargo to client, they were very satisfied with our product quality and packaging. And we have signed a new PI in the begining of December. Hope we can do long and steady business relationship with them!