Sandblasting Of Pipe Bend

- Apr 12, 2019-

Sandblasting of pipe bend

The elbow blasting process is to spray a large number of round steel shots at high speed and continuously in a fully controlled state, and beat the surface of the part to create a residual compressive stress layer on the surface. On the surface treatment of curved pipes, zinc plating, nickel plating, blue and white zinc plating; electrophoresis; blackening are common. Deburring, polishing ‘blasting. Shot blasting is an important application for high quality requirements on the surface treatment of curved pipes. Blasting on the surface of the elbow is a good application on the elbow. Many compression bends, leaf springs and torsion bar bends that are subjected to the cyclic load and easily damaged are required to be sandblasted. . However, the treatment of the thin plate workpiece by sand blasting easily deforms the workpiece, and the steel shot hits the surface of the workpiece (whether shot blasting or sand blasting) to deform the metal substrate, because Fe3o4 and Fe2o3 have no plasticity, and are peeled off after being broken, and the oil film is The substrate is deformed together, so that the oil-stained workpiece, shot blasting and sand blasting cannot completely remove the oil. Under the surface layer, the compressed grains restore the surface to its original shape, resulting in a hemisphere with a high compressive force. Stress blasting is to pre-bend the steel plate under a certain force and then sandblasting.


Sand blasting, also known as sand blasting, is one of the effective methods to enhance the life of parts. Sand blasting is to spray high-speed projectiles onto the surface of curved pipes to plastically deform the surface of curved pipes to form a certain thickness of strengthening layer. A high residual stress is formed in the layer. Because of the existence of compressive stress on the surface of the elbow, when the elbow is under load, it can offset the stress resistance of a part, thereby increasing the fatigue strength of the elbow. The surface treatment is carried out by sand blasting, and the impact force is large, and the cleaning effect is remarkable.