Socket Weld Flange Class 150 Shipped To Alexander

- May 14, 2018-

Socket weld flange class 150 Shipped to Alexander

Today is the Labor Day, our hard-working workers are straining to carry out the final loading, our goods, the Socket weld flange class 150 Shipped to Alexander port of Egypt. ANSI B16.5 socket weld flange 698 piece finish on 20th April, the final test was finished on 25th April. 

scoket flange.jpg

Our plant specific advanced socket weld flange set production equipment, socket weld flange composed of the flange is open to have an internal hole in the body, a number of bolt holes are distributed on the flange, and the flange is provided with an arc groove connecting two bolt holes between each two bolt holes, and the arc Groove is fixedly fitted with an arc reinforcing rib, which requires the planned external repair.
In the field of high temperature plane seal application is better high-temperature Sealant, its special formulation in the steam and gas turbine and high temperature flange standard applications remain inert, which can withstand hot air, steam, water, light fuel oil and lubricants, can be resistant to crude oil and natural gas.

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Socket weld flange main materials are: carbon steel, Alloy steel, low-temperature steel, stainless steel, forged flange connection can be two pipes, pipe fittings or machines, and forged flange connection is an important way to connect the pipeline construction, forged flange connection easy to use, can withstand greater pressure, in industrial pipelines, the use of forged flange connection is particularly extensive.