Technical Requirements For Production Of Seamless Steel Tubes

- Apr 15, 2020-

Seamless steel tube ovality: indicates the degree of non-circularity of seamless steel pipe.
Seamless steel pipe length: normal length, fixed (times) length, length tolerance.
Seamless steel tube bending degree: indicates the twist of the seamless steel pipe: the bending degree of the length of the seamless steel pipe per meter, the full-length curvature of the seamless steel pipe.
End section of seamless steel pipe: indicates the inclination of the end face of seamless steel pipe and the cross section of seamless steel pipe. 

seamless steel tubes

Seamless steel pipe end face angle and blunt edge.
Seamless steel pipe surface quality: surface smoothing requirements.
Hazardous defects: cracks, inflection, external folding, rolling, separation, crusting, concave, convex hull, etc.

production of seamless steel tubes

General defects: pits, blue lines, scratches, bumps, slight internal and external straights, roller prints, etc.