The Best A105N Slip On Flange Factory In China

- Jan 17, 2018-

The Best A105N Slip on Flange Factory in China

As one of the best A105N slip on flange factory in China, metleader researched and developed the most advanced production technology, not only to improve the quality of products, but also reduce the price. 

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In order to obtain compact and high-performance flat welded A105N slip on flange, the parameters such as forging temperature, velocity and deformation force must be chosen correctly. In the early stage of forging deformation of the flat welded flange, the density increased faster due to the deformation and deformation force of the preform. In the later stage of forging, due to most of the pores closed and the deformation resistance increased, the deformation force needed to eliminate residual pores is increased rapidly. The deformation resistance is closely related to the deformation temperature, and the high deformation temperature is favorable to the densification and reduces the deformation resistance. High deformation speed is also conducive to the smooth welding flange density. Therefore, for A105N slip on flange factory ,it is necessary to consider the influence of various factors on the quality of forgings and select the technological parameters.

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The low temperature forging of the A105N slip on flange can avoid the coarsening of the grains at high temperature forging, and eliminate the normalizing process after forging. It is beneficial to save energy, improve die life, also can improve the performance of the flat welding flange, pre-forming blanks before forging heat, need to be under pressure protection atmosphere.