The Difference Between American Standard Flange And National Standard Flange

- Feb 20, 2021-

American standard pressure is in pounds (class150LB means 150 pounds pressure, which is equivalent to PN2.0 pressure) Then there is a different name for the specifications: American standard flanges called by inches are divided into two categories: ASMEB16.5 and ASMEB16.47. 

According to the 2009 version of the Ministry of Chemical Industry standard, the national standard flange is divided into the European standard system and the American standard system, which are further revised and formulated with reference to the European and American flange systems. The European system has nothing to do with the ASME American standard flange. The American series is the same as the ASME flange, but there are still a large number of data dimensions, such as sealing surface, flange neck, etc. 

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