The Difference Between Pipe Bend And Elbow

- Feb 28, 2018-

The difference between pipe bend and elbow

Bend pipe and elbow, The most basic difference is the elbow and bend with same caliber, compared to elbow, the bend pipe has more curved pipe longer, pipe bend’s R is twice times more than pipe elbow, r = 1 time or twice times belong to the elbow, in the production process of pipe bends, cold simmer bend pipe can use pipes, directly with the bending machine bending type, disposable can produce curved pipe out , and not need two times anti-corrosion, but the elbow to manufacturer by custom, to do anti-corrosion, long order period. Price of bend pipe is lower than the elbow, but more lower cost-effective than the elbow, if there is no anti-corrosion treatment of the pipe bend, it is very easy to damage, this is everyone knows, I do not say, but as its cheap cost, in some engineering with not so high requirement,the use is very much. 

pipe bend and elbow.png

Elbow manufacturers to customize, to anti-corrosion, long order period. Cold bending pipe can be directly compressed and molding in the bending machine with pipes , one-time can be completed, without a second anti-corrosion, cold bending pipe construction technology has an oil standard, West-East natural gas transmission conforms to enterprise standard. In the open section both Elbow and Bend pipe is ok, If just consider the cost,cold bending pipe is ok, elbow need to do hot simmer, of course, the cost of elbow is higher. Sometimes the narrow section must use elbow, such as the stone section trench, because the elbow radius of curvature is small, generally 6 d, and bending pipe is 40D. Construction site, to use elbow or bend pipe, not only to consider the price and quality of elbow and bend, but also to consider where to use, then to choose elbow or bend pipe.