The Service Life Of Stainless Steel Elbow

- Apr 11, 2018-

The service life of stainless steel elbow

As a manufacturer of stainless steel elbows, we provide the longest life products for our production purpose. For example, for 2 inch stainless steel elbow, the life of my products should be at least one to three years longer than the standard, in order to ensure the safety of the customers.
There are many influencing factors for the service life of stainless steel pipe fittings, such as a 2 inch stainless steel elbow. The following describes the different machining methods for machining elbows. When the tapping to the thread meets the size, the two taps may face each other. The reason is Tapped base surface is longer. 

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In this case, the tap face needs to be worn short, but if the end face is worn short, it may adversely affect the use of the tap. The relationship between short front and rear taps and the work piece being machined can be seen in tap face grinding. After tapping the end face, the thread tap can not be normally guided into the hole, but is pressed into the hole by the end face, which affects the use of the tap.  

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In the coil mill, the history of thermomechanical changes in the entire length of the 2 inch stainless steel elbow pipe has changed significantly, especially in the production of micro stainless steel stamped elbow pipe fittings, which will strongly affect the degree of recrystallization and grain growth on the finishing mill. Precipitates and leads to drastic changes in the ultimate micro-structure and function throughout the length of the stainless steel stamped elbow. When grinding, it is necessary to maintain the original geometry of the front guide. It is best to use a tapping and grinding machine for grinding. The best way to solve the problem of long tap surface is to customize the tap with shorter base according to the specific requirements of the processed thread.
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In order to solve these problems, some users have only to grind the front guide of the tap, and grind the front and rear tap guides. Because the shape of the front guide after dressing is changed, it still affects the function of the tap. The solution to this problem is a furnace coil mill: the furnace coil mill includes a reciprocating roughing mill and a 4-roll reciprocating finishing mill. Two hot coil mills are installed on the conveyor lines on both sides of the finishing mill. The output roller path usually consists of a laminar cooling system and a reeling station.