The Usage And Classification Of Stainless Steel Reducing Pipe Elbow

- Feb 12, 2018-

The usage and Classification of stainless steel reducing pipe elbow

Connect two tubes of different diameters to make the pipe bend at 90°while reducing the size of the path. The production process used is the entire elbow with the gradual contraction of the process to produce. The role is to make a 90-degree turn when the diameter of the pipe changes. The useage is same as reducer, but reducer can not be used for steering. The price is about one times higher than the equal diameter elbow. At some construction sites, one elbow and one reducer are welded together to replace the product. Its material has carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steel, PVC, cast steel and so on. The most common country standards are GB /T12459-2005 and GB/T13401-2005.

3 inch stainless steel pipe elbow.jpg

Classification Introduction:
According to the process: hot push elbow, punching elbow, welding elbow, etc.
According to material: have carbon steel reducing pipe elbow, stainless steel reducing pipe elbow, alloy steel reducing pipe elbow, etc.
According to the specification: has the short radius elbow, the long radius elbow, the 30° 45° 60° 90°and so on different degrees elbow.