Through SGS Product Testing

- Oct 08, 2018-

Through SGS product testing

On September 15, 2018, our company received the inspector of SGS Tianjin Corporation who came to the factory. This test is our test to assist customers in Pakistan.


The test started at ten o'clock a.m. My company's production technician, accompanied by SGS inspector, fully cooperate with the test. The test is mainly for flange appearance, size and weight to detect.
During the testing process, we had video connection with foreign customers, and the customers also visited the real testing process online. SGS's inspectors are very professional, in accordance with the requirements of each test, the number of sampling, sampling requirements, as well as the detection of each product are very careful. Of course, we are also very informable about our products. The test went very smoothly, as we promised our customers, our flange products, test results 100% qualified.