What Is Epoxy Coating Steel Pipe?

- Jul 11, 2018-

What is epoxy coating steel pipe?

The epoxy steel pipe is one type of steel pipe, and the surface coating material is epoxy which made of two-component, high solids coating material mainly composed of an epoxy resin. Widely used in drinking water tanks, water pipes, water tanks and other places.
First, the composition: 1. Steel pipe: seamless steel pipe, straight seam steel pipe and spiral steel pipe and other steel pipes 2. Epoxy resin coating is a two-component, high solids coating based on epoxy resin. It is divided to primer and topcoat. Component A consists of epoxy resin, pigments and additives, and additives. Component B is a curing agent formulated with modified amines.
The advantages of epoxy steel pipes:
Durable, the film after curing of epoxy resin is tough and water resistant, the coating film is non-toxic, and it has no pollution to water. Strong and good adhesion. It has excellent rust and water resistance and uses excellent anti-rust materials to ensure its anti-rust properties. It has good mechanical strength, tough film, abrasion resistance and impact resistance. High solid content and thick coating film. Curing to film at room temperature. No large baking equipment is required.

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The application of epoxy steel pipes:
Epoxy steel pipes can be widely used in the inner wall coating of water supply equipment such as drinking water pipeline, and waste water pipes.
The types of epoxy steel pipes:
When people buy steel pipes for the pipe system, we always see that the pipes are required to be coated with epoxy coating such as 3PE or FBE.
So what do you know about epoxy coating (3PE or FBE) pipes? What is 3PE coating and what is FBE coating?
Here is a brief answer:
The FBE pipe is coated with epoxy. So we said Fusion Bonded pipe.
The 3PE pipe is coated with epoxy inside, with adhesive layer in the middle and polyethylene layer on the outside.
Please see the below pictures to show 3PE and FBE.