What Is Raised Face Weld Neck Flange

- Nov 18, 2020-

According to the different installation methods, it can be divided into raised face welding flange and raised face flat flange. According to different processes, it can be divided into casting convex face welding flange and forging convex face welding flange. According to different materials, it can be divided into carbon steel convex face welding flange, stainless steel convex face welding flange, and alloy steel convex face welding flange. The convex face welded steel pipe flange implements the standard GB9115,6~9115,13-88 convex face flange butt welding flange has simple structure, convenient maintenance, corrosion resistance, aging resistance, pressure resistance, tensile strength, and no pollution , Long life, easy installation and other advantages. It is widely used in petroleum, chemical, food, dairy, pharmaceutical, machinery manufacturing, papermaking, medical, and construction water supply, heating, gas supply systems and medical gas delivery systems.

raised face weld neck flange

Standard with raised face weld neck flange

Carbon steel flanges are tight and reliable. It has two tightly sealed closed surfaces, and until now the materials of tightly sealed closed surfaces of ball valves are widely used with various molecular compound plastics, which have good tightness and can successfully achieve strict sealing. Since carbon steel flanges are wiping during opening and closing, they can be used in media with suspended solid particles. Commonly used processes: forging, casting, mid-plate rolling, mid-plate cutting, etc.

raised face weld neck flanges

Benefit of weld neck flange :

1. The joint reception and pipeline can maintain the tight sealing performance of the pipeline.

2. Facilitate the replacement of a certain section of pipeline.

3. It is convenient to disassemble and check the material situation of the pipeline.

4.It is convenient to close a certain pipeline.