What Is RF Slip On Flange?

- May 28, 2018-

What is RF slip on flange?

Metleader pipeline inc is a profession manufacture and exporter of all kinds of flanges, made of carbon steel and stainless steel. So What is RF slip on flange? It is a widely used slip on flange, and its surface is RF, which is the abbreviation of raised face.

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The slip on flange is divided into the neck flat-welded flanges and the butt weld flange. The butt weld Flange connection is composed of a gasket, slip on flange and several bolts and nuts. The pipe diameter and wall thickness of the weld flange interface end are the same as the pipe to be welded, two pipe welding, with neck butt welding flange of the straight edge of the thickness of the pipe with the thickness of more than 1mm, the straight edge of the flange should be cut in the inner diameter, thin section of the slope should be less than or equal to 1:3.

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With slip on flange on the other side is the sealing surface, the form of sealing surface is: Full plane FF, surface RF, concave-convex surface fm-m, tenon groove surface t-g, ring-link surface rj, used with other flange, flange cover, valve or equipment seals. With slip on flange Nominal pressure around 1.0mpa~pn25mpa, Pn10mpa slip on flange belongs to high pressure flange, welding flanges are not easy to deformation, sealing effect is good, widely used, suitable for temperature or pressure of large fluctuations in the pipeline or high temperature, high pressure and low temperature pipeline, also used to transport expensive media, on a pipe of flammable and explosive medium and poisonous gas; High pressure RF slip on flange can be used for flammable, explosive, toxic medium and high pressure occasions, high-pressure butt welding flange sealing surface is often made into concave and convex surface, suitable for high-temperature, high-pressure and low-temperature, temperature or pressure fluctuations in the pipeline, but also for the transport of flammable, explosive medium, expensive medium pipeline.

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