What Is Seamless Steel Tee

- Apr 11, 2018-

What is Seamless Steel Tee

A tee is a pipe that is used to branch a pipe.For the use of seamless pipe manufacturing three-way, the current commonly used technology has hydraulic bulging and hot forming two. 

Seamless Steel Tee

A. Hydraulic bulging: The hydraulic bulging of the three-way is a kind of forming process which is compensated by the axial compensation of the metal material. The process is the use of special hydraulic presses, with the tee diameter equal to the tube billet into the liquid, by synchronizing the two horizontal cylinders of the hydraulic press to squeeze the tube billet, the tube billet becomes smaller after the extrusion, the liquid in the Tube billet decreases with the volume of the Tube billet and the pressure increases, The metal material flows along the inner cavity of the die under the double action of the liquid pressure in the side cylinder and the tube billet to expand the branch pipe.
Schematic diagram of hydraulic tee forming 

Seamless Steel Tee drawing

B. Hot-pressing forming: tee hot forming is larger than the tee diameter tube billet, the size of the diameter of the tee is flattened, and a hole is opened in the part of the stretching branch tube, and the tube billet is heated and put into the forming mould, and the die of the drawing branch tube is loaded in the Tube billet, and the tube billet is compressed radially under the action of pressure, In the process of radial compression, the metal flows toward the branch pipe and forms the branch tube under the drawing of the die. The whole process is formed by the radial compression of the tube billet and the stretching process of the branch tube part.
Unlike the hydraulic bulging tee, the metal of the hot-pressing TEE branch is compensated by the radial motion of the tube billet, so it is also called the radial compensation process. 

The forming process of hot-pressing tee is shown in the following figure

Seamless Steel Tee drawing