What Points Do We Need To Pay Attention To When Bending The Pipe Bend?

- Aug 02, 2018-

What points do we need to pay attention to when bending the pipe bend?

  1. In the process of bending the pipe bend, if the ellipticity or the wrinkle is uneven and it exceeds the relevant guarantee and requirements, it will be scrapped directly, and then re-tanning, it can not be reused;

  2. When using the heating method to bend the pipe bend, in order to reduce the section of the pipe in the amount of deformation, it is necessary to properly inject the river sand that has been heated or dried into the pipe, while filling the side of the pipe wall is tapped to ensure that the river sand can fill the entire pipe;

    Precautions for twisting the pipe bend.jpg

  3. The bending of the elbow should be controlled at a certain temperature. The temperature is too high or too low, which will have a serious impact on the quality of the pipe bend. When using the cold-bending method, the mold is selected appropriately, if the pipe wall is a thinner elbow for tanning;

  4.  For industrial pipes with a nominal diameter of less than or equal to 20 mm, the most effective way of processing is to bend the pipe. If it is not due to various factors, it will not be the way to bend the pipe. It is the processing method of welding pipe bend to ensure that the processing quality of the pipe bend is not affected.