World 180°carbon Steel Elbow Price Analysis

- May 22, 2018-

World 180°carbon steel elbow price analysis

In industrial buildings, the application of pipe fittings is very extensive. Among them, carbon steel elbows have a large proportion. Today we will analyze the price of carbon steel elbows in various countries in the world.
The United States and China are among the world's two largest giants. The demand for pipe fittings is huge. There are also many manufacturers in both countries. For carbon steel elbows, China's exports are more, and prices are more favorable. In European countries, there are relatively few producers and the prices are basically high. Some countries in Southeast Asia and South America have relatively weak economic foundations and vigorously develop infrastructure. The demand for pipe fittings has increased year by year, but the price requirement is generally low.

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In the Middle East countries, because of the abundant oil resources, the demand for pipe fittings is not small, but as the development of trade becomes more mature, customers have begun to pay more attention to prices, and prices have slowly declined.