Carbon Steel Flange Working Principle And Useage

In carbon steel forged flanges have a certain working principle.
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How Carbon Steel Flanges Work

Cast flange, rough shape, accurate size, small amount of processing, low cost, but casting defects (stomatal). Cracks (inclusions) The shape of the internal structure of the casting is not good (if cutting, the streamline is worse);

Forged flanges are usually more carbon-free than cast flanges. They are less likely to rust. They are streamlined, relatively compact in structure, and have excellent mechanical properties for casting flanges;

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Improper forging processes can also result in large or inhomogeneous grains, hardening cracking phenomena, and forging causes higher than cast flanges. Forgings are subjected to higher shearing and pulling forces than castings. The advantage of casting is that it can make more complex shapes and costs less;

In carbon steel forged flanges have a certain working principle, according to the production process and the use of carbon steel flanges have a certain working principle,Its working principle is based on the electrical insulating properties of insulating gaskets in carbon steel flanges and high-strength insulating bushings.

Carbon steel flange products have a variety of uses, such as:

1. Connect the pipeline and maintain the pipeline sealing performance;
2, to facilitate the replacement of a certain section of the pipeline;
3, easy to open inspection pipeline situation;
4, to facilitate the closure of a certain section of pipeline

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