Carbon Steel Eccentric Pipe Reducer

Metleader supply and export carbon steel eccentric reducer with moderate price and stable quality. Our all products are manufactured according to ISO and CE standards. Welcome your inquiry at any time. Email:, skype: yangshumei_1985.
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Carbon steel eccentric pipe reducer
Carbon steel eccentric pipe reducer manufactured by Beijing Metleader. Metleader supplies ANSI B16.9 Carbon Steel Eccentric Reducers with different sizes and material.

Specification of carbon steel eccentric pipe reducer:
Product name: carbon steel eccentric pipe reducer
Size: 1/2”X3/4” to 46”X48”
Wall thickness: SCH20, STD, SCH40, XS, SCH80, SCH100, SCH120, SCH160, XXS.
Standard: ASME/ANSI B16.9, JIS B2311/2312, DIN, an d GOST.
Material: carbon steel, ASTM A234 WPB, SS400, ST37.8, steel 20 etc.
Application range: petroleum, oil an gas pipeline, chemical processing, power plant, shipbuilding etc.
Package: plywood pallet, plywood case, carton (1/2” to 3”) or as per customers'request.
Delivery: 30days for general orders.


The production processing of carbon steel eccentric pipe reducer:



The difference between concentric reducer and eccentric reducer:
The circle center of eccentric reducer is not in same line, and concentric reducer is in same line. Eccentric reducer usually used for level fluid pipeline but concentric reducer is suitable for gas or vertical pipeline. Concentric reducer is advantageous to the fluid flow, the disturbance of the fluid flow state is smaller when the diameter is changed, therefore, the gas and the vertical flow of liquid pipelines using concentric reducer to reduce. One side of eccentric reducer is flat, which is advantageous to exhaust or discharge, convenient to open and overhaul, so eccentric reducer is generally used for horizontal installation of liquid pipeline. No matter concentric reducer or eccentric reducer the common function is to change the diameter from one size to another size. Just because different using environment and different medium lead to the concentric and eccentric difference.

The advantage of carbon steel eccentric pipe reducer:
Eccentric reducer is characterized by a carbon steel with a significant strength higher than the same amount, with good toughness and plasticity as well as excellent weldability and corrosion resistance.



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