Ecc Reducer Sch 40

Ecc reducer sch 40 also call eccentric reducer.The ecc reducer of an eccentric size is the head of a circle that is not on the same line.
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Ecc Reducer Sch 40
The ecc reducer of an eccentric size is the head of a circle that is not on the same line. Its role is to wall or paste the pipeline without taking up space, and is connected to two different caliber pipe, change the size of the flow.

Stress distribution Editing
(1) The bending moment of the area pressure difference of concentric reducer under internal pressure causes relative opening and small end relative contraction of the big end.
(2) The maximum circumferential stress of the inner surface and the outer surface of eccentric side of eccentric reducer under internal pressure is the most important.


Making edits
The size of the head (reducer) is a pipe diameter pipe. The forming process is usually used for reducing the compression, expanding the diameter or reducing the diameter and expanding the diameter, and some specifications of the reducer can also be used stamping forming.
A. necking/expanding forming
The shrinkage forming process of the size head is the same as the size of the big end of the diameter of the tube billet into the forming die, through the direction of the tube along the axis of the compression, so that the metal along the mold cavity movement and contraction forming. According to the size of diameter reducer, it is divided into one pressing forming or multiple pressing forming.
B. Stamping forming
In addition to the use of steel pipe as raw material production size head, the size of some sizes of the head can also be used for steel sheet metal stamping process for production. The die shape of the drawing is designed with reference to the size of the inner surface of the head, and the stamping of the steel plate after the blanking is formed with the die.

The size of the head before bonding, the application of dry cloth will be the mouth side and the external side of the socket wiping treatment, when the surface sticky oil must be wiped clean with acetone, there are several points to note:
1, control caliber: DIN standard (dn10-dn150), 3A/IDF Standard (1/2 "6"), ISO standard (ф12.7-ф152.4);
2, International industrial Standards: DIN, ISO, SMS, 3 A, IDF, etc.
3, Product materials: Stainless steel 304, 316, 316L;
4, quality and use: the size of the head inside and outside with high-grade polishing equipment processing, to achieve surface precision requirements; This product is applicable to dairy products, food, beer, beverages, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and other industrial fields;
5, external processing: According to user requirements to map, sample processing non-standard products;
6, Connection mode: Clamp (fast-acting) type, welding type, thread (live Connect) type.


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