Stainless 2 Inch Steel Pipe Fitting Elbow

Stainless 2 Inch Steel Pipe Fitting Elbow

We have a lot of High-end stainless steel elbow pipe 2 inch in stock. Stainless Steel Elbow is our best-selling product.
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Stainless Steel Elbow
We have a lot of High-end stainless steel elbow pipe 2 inch in stock. Stainless Steel Elbow is our best-selling product.
In the piping system, the elbow is the pipe fittings that change the pipeline direction. According to the angle, there are 45°and 90°180°three kinds of most commonly used, in addition to engineering needs also include 60°and other non-standard angle elbow. Stainless steel elbow is different from carbon steel elbow is the main material difference, its chemical composition will keep elbow surface for a long time will not rust, will not be corroded.
Stainless steel elbow is usually on the basis of carbon steel to increase the high proportion of CR, NI and other alloys, the content of the ratio can reach more than 20%.


Product name: Stainless steel elbow 2inch
Standards: ANSI, ASME, MSS SP, EN,DIN, GOST, JIS2220
Wall Thickness: sch10, sch20, sch30, std, sch40, sch60, xs, sch80, sch100, sch120, sch140, sch160, xxs, sch5s, sch20s, sch40s, sch80s
Material of SS Elbow: 304, 304L, 316,316L,321
Other Size: 1/2"~72" DN15~DN1800

Features of stainless steel pipe fittings:
Stainless steel pipe fittings have the best strength and toughness index is all kinds of steel, their most prominent advantage is anti-corrosion, in the chemical paper and other corrosive occasions must use stainless steel, of course, the cost is higher!


Stainless Steel elbow application field: Stainless steel elbow is widely used in petroleum, chemical, nuclear power plant, food manufacturing, construction, shipbuilding, papermaking, medicine and other industries, in different industries have different uses, in various industries to show the use value.
Stainless steel elbow Use: water, beverages, beer, food, petrochemical, nuclear power, machinery, medical equipment, fertilizers, shipbuilding, waterproof treatment, pipelines and so on. Wide range of application, path from small to several millimeters, large to a few meters, from high vacuum to high pressure can be applied.


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